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English Breakfast Blend Tea (Organic)

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Our English Breakfast tea originates from the Putharjhora tea garden in a region of India that serves as a gateway to Northeast India and Bhutan. Taste notes: malty, smooth and lively.

The garden was rescued by the current owners after years of neglect and bad agricultural practices. The community was suffering from low wages, bad treatment and excessive exposure to harmful pesticides widely used on non-organic tea estates.

Now the estate is a beacon of hope in the area - the estate workers are empowered to make decisions, are no longer exposed to chemicals and benefit from a Fairtrade partnership with the management. It is one of the best examples of worker empowerment we have seen in India.

A more natural ecological balance has recovered and the flora and fauna on the estate is rich. The composting of materials on the estate to provide nutrients to the tea bushes is fantastic and is a shining example of how organic systems really work on a large scale.