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Paper House Advent Calender

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  • £12.00

Paper kite DIY advent calendar for handicrafts and filling - house set - with golden number stickers - 24 natural brown boxes made of 400g / m² cardboard for setting up and decorating - 24 boxes - Christmas village - reusable

Here comes your individual Christmas village. Our advent calendar consists of 24 boxes that can be folded together. The boxes are made of sturdy, natural brown recycled cardboard. After unpacking, they just have to be folded up and tied with the enclosed baker's twine. The set also includes 24 number stickers (gold foil, size 30mm). You stick them on the enclosed white cardboard labels.

So that you can't see the contents straight away through the punched-out window, wrap the gifts in the white tissue paper provided. When assembled, the boxes are between 7 × 13 cm and 6 × 10 cm in size and are therefore ideal for packing chocolate, sweets, small gifts and vouchers. After filling, you close the houses with the white baker's twine and at the same time tie the label with the corresponding number.

Lined up on a shelf or on a windowsill, this advent calendar is a real eye-catcher in the run-up to Christmas. Thanks to its timeless and classic design, this advent calendar is suitable for everyone: children, adults, women and men.