Sustenance Groceries

Who is behind Sustenance?

Sustenance is founded by Katie Pitts a mum and environmentalist (amongst many other things).

We have part-time staff and volunteers which you will meet at our stall or pop-up shop.

There are also many other very kind and supportive people and customers behind Sustenance - without them we would not exist.


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What is Sustenance about?

Our mission is to provide an alternative to supermarkets by providing environmentally and socially friendly food, locally at affordable prices.

Our produce is of highest quality and sourced from sustainable and socially fair suppliers to make sure the earth, the suppliers and our customers can live in an improved world.

We achieve this by using high-quality wholesalers that are co-operatives with responsible environmental policies in place. And by providing alternatives to harmful plastic products which includes loose food without packaging, refillable household cleaning solutions and items like toothbrushes and dish scrubbers that are made with eco alternatives that do not drain or pollute the earths resources.

Our dream is to create a store that sells organic, plastic free groceries such as dry pantry food, cosmetics, household cleaning products and eventually gifts. Customers will be able to come and fill (and refill) their own containers to buy zero waste products in small quantities or in bulk.