how does plastic free shopping work

We have a selection of package free groceries, bulk supplies of cleaning products and individual self care items.

To purchase loose groceries and cleaning supplies we use the below method.

The answer is, almost anything – as long it is clean and does not have any holes in. And, yes, it CAN BE PLASTIC! Although the idea behind zero waste shopping is that of no plastic, the idea is to “reduce, reuse, recycle before making it rubbish”.

So, if you have an old take away container, plastic bag you got bread in, lunch boxes or zip-lock sandwich bags, these can all be used for collecting shopping in. Some people get imaginative and use items such as pillow cases to collect grains in, washed jam jars to but chocolate buttons or herbs in and some people bring their reused paper bags which is super thrifty and good for the environment as a paper bag needs to be used 3 times to balance the energy used to produce it.

Yes, zero waste is about trying to limit single use plastics, and reducing plastic use in general but if you refill your plastic container again and again with rice over a period of three years having previously bought one pack of rice a week you are saving on over 150 single use wrappers being thrown away. And that is a definite win for reducing plastic!

There are also other more long-term solutions such as clip-top jars (a brand name example is Kilner jars although Ikea sell them and they can often be found in TK Maxx) or cereal air tight boxes, which are particularly good for larger amount of food.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of what to bring on your next trip!

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